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1903 : Birth of Charlotte Musson in Paris

1918 : She attends a drawing school, rue Abbeville, in Paris

1920’s : Charlotte Musson joins the group of young female painters gravitating around Marguerite Jeanne Carpentier in her workshop, rue de la Source, in Auteuil.

1930’s : She settles in her own workshop, rue de l’Echiquier, in Paris. The Canal Saint Martin, the banks of the Seine are the source of many of her works.

The smart set of literature and comedy gathers around Charlotte Musson and her companion Gonzague Truc. Beautiful pastel portraits of Marguerite Yourcenar, Marcel Aymé, Jean Paulhan, Gabriel Marcel, Marguerite Moreno, Madeleine Robinson... are made during those years.

She hangs her pictures in many exhibitions.

The French State and the city of Paris purchase some of her works.

1968 Charlotte Musson marries Gonzague Truc

1972 : Death of Gonzague Truc

1974 : Death of Charlotte Musson

1996 and 1998 : Many pictures by Charlotte Musson are donated to the museum and enrich its collection.

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