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I have been walking from rue de Sèvres to the Grand Palais (…) The old mask, modeled like the beautiful van Dyck sketching of a child ; the “Italian corner” at the end of rue Monsieur ; the strong shadows cast by tall trees on the wall ; the Seine with its full gray twirls of melted metal ; the colonnades in the cold shade. I am now under the spell of vigorous, almost monochromatic accents …
I woke up early these last few days, to draw the Hôtel de Ninon de Lenclos. Yesterday afternoon I started the porch of the Hôtel de Lamoignon, but the light wasn’t there.
Diary - Volume V - 1943

Marguerite Jeanne Carpentier published two engraving books on the Old Paris.

  • one in 1928 (etchings)
  • the other in 1930 (lithographies), with an American edition

The book "Paris trait pour trait" presents these engravings joined to photographs by Yves Delestrade, showing how the same places look in the years 2000.
Un, Deux…Quatre Editions, Clermont-Ferrand.

Rue de Beaujolais Autoportrait Rue Poissonière

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