The artist’s diary 1930 - 1965

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The artist’s diary 1930 - 1965

Marguerite Jeanne Carpentier’s diary, running from 1930 till her death in 1965, consists of 12 exercise books illustrated with hundreds of drawings.

It informs us on:

  • her ideas on aesthetics, her pictorial techniques, her researches, and her readings
  • her works of art, preparatory studies, exhibitions, purchasers …

It testifies of the struggles of an independent female artist, and the way she tackles major contemporary events such as WW2, Occupation, Liberation, Economical Crisis. It is a document of outstanding interest for the exegesis of her work.

In 1944, Marguerite Jeanne Carpentier gazes by her window at the Parisians rushing to meet the Liberation Army entering the Capital :

I can hear from the south-western distance, the first cannon-shots of the front line…
Diary - Volume V - August 1944
Dessin Taureau Jeune fille à bicyclette

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