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Travels around France and Europe

When the light is fine, on an autumn day, the gray sky seems blue through the interstice of the half bare branches. The reason is that the warm tone of the reddish-brown leaves makes the cold blue tone inside the gray sing, and exalts it so much that it takes over the other colours .
Elise Rieuf - La leçon des Maîtres

Elise Rieuf acquires from her childhood, with that of drawing, the taste of travel. At the age of 11, she goes to Egypt with her uncle Basil Malaval, engineer of Ports and Lighthouses of Alexandria. Look at the amazing watercolor she paints on one of her first sketchbooks.

Elise et le dromadaireL'arrivée au Caire

This taste will never leave her. Back from China, she will travel across Europe in search of images, light, atmospheres.

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